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Texas Lemon Law also protects owners of Recreational Vehicles and Motorhomes

The Texas Lemon Law is not just limited to vehicles such as cars, SUVs, or trucks; it also includes recreational vehicles (RVs) and motorhomes. Under the statute, the Texas Lemon Law refers to these vehicles as “towable recreational vehicles.”

If you have a lemon RV or motorhome, it is essential that you contact a lemon law attorney as soon as possible.

Under section 3201.002(32) of the Texas Occupations Code, a “towable recreational vehicle” is defined as a vehicle that is not motorized and:

(1) was originally designed and manufactured provide temporary living for the purpose of recreation, camping, or seasonal use;

(2) is titled and registered with the department via the county tax assessor-collector;

(3) is built on a single chassis;

(4) contains at least one life support system; and
(5) is designed to be towable by a motor vehicle.

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