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Lemon Law Question of the Day: I purchased my vehicle as a “demo.” Will the Texas Lemon Law apply?

Answer: Yes, as long as the vehicle was purchased within a Texas dealership, a “demo” or demonstrator vehicle is protected under the Texas Lemon Law.

Other vehicles that are protected under the Texas Lemon Law includes: trucks (Ford Ranger, F-150), cars (Chrysler 200 or 300), motorcycles, motor homes (Winnebago or Fleetwood), or ATVs.

While towable recreational vehicles are also covered under the lemon law, it is essential that towable RVs are titled and registered in Texas.

One issue that demo owners may encounter when a replacement or repurchase is offered as a remedy in a Texas Lemon Law case is the mileage deduction dilemma. When a vehicle manufacturer offers a replacement or repurchase, by law, they are entitled to deduct mileage for the consumer’s use of the vehicle. Because the deduction formula is heavy handed against the consumer, the vehicle owner may find that the “demo” vehicle protection status offered by the Texas Lemon Law is quite limited.

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