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Is a demo vehicle the same as a used or pre-owned car?… and am I protected under the Texas Lemon Law if I buy one?

A “demonstrator” vehicle, also known as a demo vehicle is a vehicle that has anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 miles on the speedomoter and has been used by customers for test drives, or has been driven by employees of car dealerships or manufacturers for a short or limited amount of time.  I know many owners and managers of car dealerships who would drive cars and later pass these cars back to the car lot for sale.

A demo vehicle is not the same as a pre-owned or used car and the law protects a demo car owner more so than a pre-owned or used car.

Under the Texas Lemon Law, a demo is covered and the consumer is protected, on a limited basis.  The consumer still needs to take the vehicle in for multiple repair attempts or at least two times if it is considered a serious safety defect.  Feel free to contact my office regarding potential lemon law cases for pre-owned vehicles.

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