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How to protect your rights by making sure you have a repair invoice for each defect, under the Texas Lemon Law

It’s heartbreaking to me every time a client contacts my office and doesn’t have a strong case due to the fact that their paperwork or evidence is not in order.  For example, the client may have taken the new car in on numerous occasions because of a defect, but there are no repair invoices to substantiate the repair visit.


When someone buys a new vehicle, no one thinks that a new car, truck, or motor home needs to be taken in for repairs.  But just like life, nothing is perfect, and thank goodness there is the Texas Lemon Law to protect consumers.  When there isn’t perfection and you must waste an afternoon taking your new vehicle in and wait for it to be repaired, remember to make each visit count and worth something.  Under the Texas Lemon Law, documentation is very important.


Here are a list of “make sures” I always ask the client to be mindful of:

1) make sure that when you pick up your vehicle, that you receive a written repair order/invoice.

2) make sure that on the repair order, it accurately lists the problem or defect that you are complaining about.

3) make sure the date you brought the vehicle in is accurate on the repair invoice.

4) make sure that the date and time you picked up the vehicle is correct.

5) make sure the mileage in and mileage out on your vehicle is correctly documented on your repair invoice.

6) make sure that if “NPF” (no problem found” is documented on your repair invoice, that it is actually true.

7) make sure you note the name and employee ID of the repair consultant that is taking care of you on each visit.

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