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What is the “Four Times Test” under the Texas Lemon Law?

Every state law pertaining to the Lemon Law has a guideline as to how many times the vehicle must be taken in for repairs in order to meet the “reasonable attempt” presumption.  Some states require a lighter burden while other states, like Texas, has a slightly heavier attempt requirement.

Under Texas Lemon Law, a reasonable attempt of four times usually trigger that the car, truck, van, SUV is most likely a lemon.  Remember that this “Four Times Test” does not apply to conditions that are inherently a serious or substantial safety hazard, such as safety belt or airbag defects.

A component to consider is that Texas Lemon Law looks to the four times defect occurring within the first 24,000 miles, or first 2 years, whichever occurs first.  This mileage requirement is not applicable to travel trailers, which has a more lax component.

I always advise potential lemon law clients to DO NOT wait until you have 4 attempts to contact for a lemon law attorney for a free consultation…. as soon as your gut tells you something isn’t right, or you have about 3 written repair attempts in the form of a repair order, contact us.

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