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Lemon Law makes it on the list of Top Ten Consumer Complaint

According to several consumer protection groups, lemon law complaints against automobile manufacturers was one of the top consumer complaints in 2010. Specifically, the complaints relate to misrepresentations in the sales of new and used vehicles, lemon launderings, leasing, and towing disputes (Source: North American Consumer Protection Investigators (NACPI), the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), and the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (NACAA)).

These consumer protection groups offer the following three suggestions to avoid being a victim of fraud and ripoff:

1) Pay using a safe method — avoid paying cash. Instead, pay by credit card so that you have another layer of protection in the event you need to dispute a purchase.

2) Get all promises in writing — sale agents love to promise the world, but promises are not enforceable unless they are in writing
3) Do research and know your rights — the more you are aware of your legal rights, the better. Most consumer law offices (such as mine) offer a free case review.

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