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What to expect when contacting a Texas Lemon Law attorney

Often times, when consumers contact my lemon law office, it is their first time to contact an attorney. Below is an outline of what to expect when contacting a Texas Lemon Law attorney:

1) Consumer calls, leaves a message, or submits an online form on a Texas Lemon Law attorney’s website.
2) The attorney or his/her staff will ask the consumer preliminary questions regarding the consumer’s situation. Questions include, but are not limited to: year, make, model, recurring defect, accident history, documents, price paid, representations made by the dealer’s service manager, and etc… The attorney will also answer lemon law related questions.
3) If it is a strong case, then the consumer will be asked to fax or mail documentation to the attorney’s law office.
4) Thereafter, the attorney will discuss options with the consumer…
5) If the attorney and consumer mutually agrees to move forward, then a representation agreement is executed and the attorney begins working on the case by sending a demand/notice letter to the vehicle manufacturer.

For more information, please contact my office.

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