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Question: To have a valid Texas Lemon Law claim with my truck, SUV, car, or RV,…how important is it to have documentation or paperwork?

(What if the dealer doesn’t issue a repair order for my visit/multiple visits?)

At my lemon law office, I get asked this question the most from frustrated consumers. It is important for the client to gather all documents and paperwork, including repair invoices (even those that are designated as “NPF” (no problem found); as such paperwork serves as evidence when our office discuss the claim with opposing counsel or manufacturer representative.

Without documents, it would be difficult for any attorney to accept the case. Does that mean you have no options or no case if you trashed all of your paperwork? The answer fortunately is no.

Most service centers keep electronic data or copies for each repair visit. I usually recommend that a potential client contact the service manager and request a printout of each visit. If the service manager inquires as to why you are requesting the paperwork, it is vital to not inform him or her that you are contacting an attorney or looking to sue; simply tell them that you just want it for your records. Letting them know that you intend to hire a lemon law attorney puts them on edge and places them on a “clean-up-the-evidence” mode.

Once armed with paperwork in hand, contact a Texas licensed attorney as soon as possible. If you bought your vehicle in Texas, please feel free to contact my office for a free case evaluation.

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