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Question: Under the Texas Lemon Law, how do I know where to sue?

Answer: Most people who contact my lemon law office about a problem vehicle are everyday folks who never thought they would need to contact an attorney when they originally bought their new vehicle. Often times, it is their first time contemplating a lawsuit against any company. Suing a car manufacturer such as Kia, Chrysler, Ford, or Mazda can be a daunting task — think David and Goliath. Finding out where to sue and which attorney to contact is also another often asked question.

Some clients find that they have relocated to a different state or county. Others wonder what happens when the car dealership closed down or moved.

The term jurisdiction is a legal term of art that basically means which court has the power to handle or hear your case. For lemon law cases, jurisdiction usually occurs at the county level; typically the county where the vehicle was purchased.

For example, if Bob bought his Toyota Camry at Super Dealer in Houston, Texas and Bob ends up moving to Austin, Texas; then Bob will need to file suit in Harris County, not Travis county. In terms of which attorney Bob needs to hire, my recommendation is to find an attorney who focuses his or her practice handling Texas Lemon Law cases. As long as the attorney is licensed in Texas, a Dallas attorney such as myself, can take on the case.

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