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Two most important items to have in order to have a strong Texas Lemon Law case.

Having a strong lemon law case is not as difficult as most people think. Based on my experience over the years handling lemon law cases, the following are 2 items that make a case strong.

Keep in mind that this is not to be considered legal advice, but merely a guideline. Please contact my office or a Texas Lemon Law attorney for legal advice that is specific to your situation.

1) Repeated repair attempts for the same problem. The rule of thumb is at least 3 repair attempts for the same defect. If you have 2 repair attempts, it might be a good idea to begin exploring your optoions.

2) Documented attempts. In the world of litigation and law suits, having evidence is essential. You can have the strongest fact pattern, but without written evidence or documentation to back it up, then your case may not prevail.

Please feel free to contact my lemon law office if you want a free case review.

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