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Your Basic Rights as a Consumer Under the Texas Lemon Law

As a Texas Lemon Law attorney, many potential clients call me to find out what their basic rights are under the Texas Lemon Law. Although the list below is not complete, I hope that it serves as a starting point for those who may be in possession of a defective lemon vehicle.

These rights are extracted from the Texas Lemon Law and are subject to change and interpretation. Please keep in mind that this should not be considered legal advice, but only as guidelines and suggestions.

– You have the right to request repair orders or invoices from the car dealer each time you take your vehicle in for repairs,

– You have the right to notify the car manufacturer in writing that you are in possession of a lemon vehicle,

– You have the right to open a lemon law claim with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles,

– You have a right to a replacement or repurchase of your lemon vehicle, minus a mileage deduction, in the event that you win your lemon law case,

– You have the right to claim a rebuttable presumption once you have taken the vehicle in for a reasonable number of times as outlined by Section 2301.605 under the Texas Occupations Code.

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