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Top Texas Lemon Law Myth

After handling numerous Texas Lemon Law cases, I have noticed that the biggest misconception that vehicle owners or consumers have when it comes to the Texas Lemon Law is that they think a lemon law replacement or buyback is quick and automatic.

The statement I hear most often is, “what do you mean it may take several weeks or months to determine if I am eligible for a buyback or refund?…my car is a piece of junk and I have taken it in over 3 times!” It is true that under the Texas Lemon Law, consumers have rights, but those rights are minimal. Some consumers who moved to Texas from California presumes that the lemon laws in Texas are the same, if not better than California Lemon Law. Unfortunately, that is not true.

While the quick and automatic buyback/replacement myth may be partially true in a very small number of cases, the reality is that the law has more nuisances and traps in it than most people realize. My number one advice when it comes to lemon law cases is to be patient and to seek the help of someone who is experienced and can guide you in the right direction.

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