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Texas Lemon Law issue for Tata’s $2,500 car?

In September, I wrote about the comparison between the Chevrolet Aveo and Tata’s sub $3,000 car. Today, Tata unveiled what is to be currently known as the world’s cheapest car at the Auto Expo in New Deli, India.

The car is priced at $2,500 — the equivalent cost of a modern day laptop, computer desktop, scooter, a moped, or arguably a car that has been designated a Texas lemon car. Of course, for such a low price, one would have to sacrifice convenience features such as air conditioning, power steering, anti-lock brakes, and electric windows. For those who are concerned with the car’s gas efficiency…fret not, the car is estimated to achieve fifty to sixty (50-60) miles per gallon.

As to the answer to the million dollar question of this title? At this time, there would not be a Texas Lemon Law issue or any state lemon law issue in the United States. The reason is because the sub $3000 Tata vehicle is currently not available for sale in North America. Rumors have it that it will most likely not meet or pass US auto safety standards.

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