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Primary difference between New York & Texas Lemon Law

I recently visited another lemon law blog that specifically caters to consumers in other non-Texas states. Since December 2007, attorney Sergei Lemberg has been posting great and insightful blog articles pertaining to the lemon laws in the state of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maryland.

In his recent blog post dated on August 18th, 2008, Mr. Lemberg outlines the requirements of the New York Lemon Law. Luckily for New Yorkers, the New York Lemon Law appears to cover consumer owners who were not the original owner of the subject vehicle. Unfortunately, this is where the Texas lemon law primarily contrasts with the New York Lemon Law.

In January of 2008, Mr. Lemberg was also featured in the New York Daily Newspaper about his recent legal work for consumers such as Carmine Maiorano, who purchased a defective Dodge Magnum. Mr. Lemberg was able to take on the case against car manufacturer Chrysler and assist Carmen with his defective Chrysler car.

For more information about Mr. Lemberg’s blog, go here.

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