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Florida Consumer Lemon Law Complaint Resources

The Miami Herald recently posted an article on its website, where it lists a plethora of resources for Floridians consumers who need to file complaints. For example, a Miami consumer who would like to file a Lemon Law complaint against the car manufacturer can contact the cities’ Consumer Services Department. Of course, a consumer may also contact an attorney that handles lemon law claims in Florida to get more detailed information about one’s rights and recourse.

In addition to lemon law resources, the Miami Herald also included information for consumer with debt trouble, home improvement discrepancies, landlord/tenant disputes, and other issues. For more information, go here.

Similarly, in Texas, a consumer with a lemon car can contact my law office by calling my number toll free. Alternatively, they can contact the Texas Department of Transportation’s lemon law department.

Regardless of what state you are in, if you have a suspicion that you purchased a lemon, be sure to check out what the statute of limitation or deadline to file a lemon la complaint is.

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