April 5, 2014

Motorhome and RV Texas Lemon Law

Often times, potential clients would call my office asking if the Texas Lemon Law applies to motorhomes or recreational vehicles. Under the Texas Lemon Law, the term "vehicle" includes: "Cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes and all terrain vehicles." Travel trailers are also included, but must be titled and registered in Texas to be eligible.

In short, yes, motor-homes and recreational vehicles are protected under the Texas Lemon Law. Be caution that strict guidelines apply and it is important to contact a Texas Lemon Law attorney as soon as the consumer has encountered numerous repair attempts.

Also, keep in mind that written documentation of all repair work is absolutely essential to have a strong case against the dealer/manufacturer. Therefore, be organized and keep all paperwork handy and available when you contact an attorney who handles Texas lemon law related claims.

September 3, 2011

Texas Lemon Law also protects owners of Recreational Vehicles and Motorhomes

The Texas Lemon Law is not just limited to vehicles such as cars, SUVs, or trucks; it also includes recreational vehicles (RVs) and motorhomes. Under the statute, the Texas Lemon Law refers to these vehicles as "towable recreational vehicles."

If you have a lemon RV or motorhome, it is essential that you contact a lemon law attorney as soon as possible.

Under section 3201.002(32) of the Texas Occupations Code, a "towable recreational vehicle" is defined as a vehicle that is not motorized and:

(1) was originally designed and manufactured provide temporary living for the purpose of recreation, camping, or seasonal use;

(2) is titled and registered with the department via the county tax assessor-collector;

(3) is built on a single chassis;

(4) contains at least one life support system; and

(5) is designed to be towable by a motor vehicle.