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What is the Texas Lemon Law 30 Day Test?

Many clients call my law office asking about the 30 day Texas Lemon Law test. Little do they know that when the law was drafted, it was heavily lobbied by car manufacturers and dealers to work against many consumers. Here’s why:

Imagine a very narrow law that only applies to a very small percentage of people, if any. That’s the realistic outcome of the 30 day provision of the Texas Lemon Law. The 30 day test first requires that no loaner car was provided to the consumer during the period of repair. If you pass that requirement, then the law requires that your new vehicle be out of service for repair (this is where you want to make sure your repair invoices have the correct dates on it) for 30 or more days.

But hold on, the repair must be considered a “substantial” impairment, or it must “substantially” affect the market value of your new vehicle. Well, that’s easy, right?

Wrong! “Substantial” or “substantially” has also been defined very narrowly by legislatures and arbitrators. In the end, very few consumers have realistically taken advantage of the 30 day provision of the Texas Lemon Law. Feel free to fill out this intake form for a free case review of have your questions answered by my law office.

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