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Used Car generally not applicable to most state Lemon Laws

Action Express, a consumer advocacy group in New Jersey, recently posted a response to a consumer’s questions as to whether their used lemon car qualifies for New Jersey’s lemon law.

Although New Jersey has a provision to protect car buyers of pre-owned lemon cars, the provisions are limited. For example, the law requires that the subject vehicle must be: 7 model years or less, cost at least $3,000, and have less than 100,000 miles at the time of purchase.

The key to protecting yourself and making sure you qualify for NJ’s provision for used lemon cars?….make sure you meet the 3 requirements above and make sure the vehicle is not sold “as is.”

Comparatively speaking, the Texas Lemon Law is available to new cars only, with limited exceptions for used cars where the factory warranty was still active at the time of purchase.

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