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TXDOT issues its annual Texas Lemon Law Consumer Report

In Texas, the administrative body responsible for adjudicating lemon law claims is the Texas Department of Transportation. In other words, if you choose to file a complaint regarding your new lemon vehicle on your own (the law only pays for your attorney fees if the car manufacturer first hires an attorney and notifies you before the hearing), then do expect TXDOT to stand in between you and the car manufacturer to mediate your concerns.

As part of its Lemon Law program, TXDOT provides an annual lemon law consumer report. The report is 64 pages long and provides graphical charts and statistical information about the ongoing issues and number of complaints that occurred. Keep in mind these numbers do not include complaints that: (1) never gets filed with TXDOT, (2) gets filed with other quasi lemon law programs such as the Better Business Bureau AutoLine or the NCDS program, and (3) bypasses the administrative hearing and proceeds straight to court.

In the next few weeks, I will review the report and blog about my thoughts about the information in this report. If you would like to view the report on your own, then go here.

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