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The Dealership has been really nice and cooperative, but I still have a new lemon car!

As a lemon law attorney who personally screens my own potential client inquiries, I get calls from folks who wait until it is too late to file a Texas Lemon Law claim because they wanted to give the dealership or car manufacturer (such as Ford or Chrysler) another chance to repair the truck or SUV.

I hear this line all the time and really think it should be written into a play or movie. It goes like this: “the dealership has been very professional and cooperative, but for some reason, the problem still exists.”

Call me pessimistic, but my suspicion is that the dealership representatives and service managers are trained to be polite to the consumer to buy time and stall. The rationale is that you would not open a lemon law claim against an entity that you have good feelings about; or perhaps that when you do decide to open a lemon law claim, that it would be too late to do so, because you’ve spent a good chunk of time within the deadline period being treated kindly and smothered by the dealership.

Lesson to note: it’s nice that the dealership is nice to you, but when it comes to asserting your rights, you should do it as soon as possible!

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