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Texas Lemon Law Summary — Power Point Presentation.

Too often, consumers are left in the dark about their Texas Lemon Law rights.

Although the internet may be a great resource to research, it may be cluttered with non-specific information about general lemon laws, as opposed to state specific Texas Lemon Law. Other times, it may be cluttered with complex legalese that is difficult to understand.

If you go to my main website, you will find a power point presentation that provides you with a quick summary about the Texas Lemon Law. The power point presentation is located on the right side of the screen, right underneath where it says, “We DO NOT Accept PREOWNED Lemon Law cases.” Or, you can click here.

This information is not legal advice, by any means, but at least it serves as a good starting point to learn about your rights and what to do in the event that you were sold a lemon within Texas.

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