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Texas Lemon Law and You – Recognizing and Remedying the Situation

The Texas Lemon Law was created to protect consumers when they lease or buy a new vehicle. This law covers new motor vehicles of all kinds that have required excessive repairs or trips to the shop to fix the same problem, which should be covered by the vehicle warranty. Additionally, this law helps consumers seek recourse from the company, the dealer, or the lender in the form of buying back the vehicle or loan, replacing the vehicle, or repairing the vehicle.

Recognizing a Lemon
How do you know if your car fits the description of a lemon according to the Texas Lemon Law? There are several different criteria that need to be looked into before considering filing a complaint regarding your vehicle.

• You must be the original owner of the vehicle.
• The vehicle must be under warranty, not an extended service contract.
• The problems you are experiencing must be covered by the vehicle warranty • You must notify the dealer regarding the problem.
• You must let the dealer attempt to remedy the problem.
• You have repeatedly experienced the same problem (four or more times).
• You must notify the manufacturer’s regional office of the problem.
• Your vehicle is no longer safe to drive as a result, and is depreciating in value as a result of the problem.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is certainly time to file a Lemon Law complaint. This is where things can become tricky for some consumers.

Remedying the Problem
If your vehicle meets the above criteria, time is of the essence when filing a Lemon Law complaint. You must fill out the Lemon Law Complaint Form as soon as possible and pay the filing fee. After this, there are many different things that you will need to make sure are in order if you seek to have the problem alleviated. Find a good lawyer who specializes in this particular type of cases and consult with them regarding your case. The money and time you end up saving will be well worth it, especially if your car problems are taken care of in a timely fashion.


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