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Texas Lemon Law and its limitations on used cars…

With the downturn of the economy, a lot of people are now purchasing used cars and vehicles in order to save money. Generally speaking, new vehicles depreciate so aggressively that purchasing a pre-owned car makes a lot of financial sense.

I have previously written an article about how the Texas Lemon Law treats used car cases (go here for the article). Here’s a paraphrase on the limitations of Texas Lemon Law for used cars on TXDOT’s website:

A used vehicle may be covered under the Lemon Law. However, the coverage applies if your used vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. Keep in mind that extended service contracts do not apply. Coverage also applies if the problem started while under warranty and it continues to exist, but the remedies are limited to repair assistance of the warranty-related problem,…and not a repurchase or replacement.

Since buying a vehicle is arguably the second most expensive purchase that most consumers make, it is necessary to do your homework and to be observant of potential red flags that indicates that the used car is a lemon. See this blog post for some personal nonlegal tips on how to avoid buying a used lemon car.

Because of this recent growth in purchasing more used cars due to the economy, my lemon law practice also notices an exponential growth in potential clients calling to seek information about their lemon used cars. PLEASE NOTE that my office rarely accepts pre-owned car cases. However, we do accept some Chrysler car cases — if you have used lemon Chrysler car that is at least a 2005 model, then please call my office.

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