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Potential Electric Lemon Car for a Mail Carrier

At my Texas lemon law office, I often get calls from potential clients about problems on a variety of vehicles, including SUVS, trucks, sports cars, and compact cars. However, I have yet to receive a call for electric lemon cars, possibly due to the fact that electric cars are fairly new to the auto industry and car consumer markets.

Especially with how gas prices have exponentially increased within the past year, it is expected that electric cars will have a strong impact on many consumers’ transportation choices.

In Washington, a mail carrier is finding that out that a lemon may occur in non-traditional gas vehicles also, specifically electric cars. Frost Freeman bought a Dynasty IT with the intention of using it to deliver mail while working for the Marrowstone Island Post Office. Unfortunately, 2 years after purchasing the vehicle, the vehicle doesn’t hold a charge as advertised and failed to operate in a way she she expected. Ms. Frost recently filed a lemon law claim with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, hoping to seek a repurchase/buyback under Washington’s Lemon Law.

For more information about Ms. Frost’s story, go here.

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