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No Mazda Lemon electric or hybrid cars until at least 2015

As recent as last year, Mazda announced that it has no plans on designing or manufacturing electric or hybrid (alternative) power train vehicles in the foreseeable future. Less than 12 months later, Mazda has changed its position and now says its goal is to increase its vehicles’ fuel economy by 30 percent by 2015.

Mazda plans to do this by refining the design of its existing gasoline vehicles to be more fuel efficient. When asked how this will be done, Mazda’s chief executive officer, Takashi Yamanouchi, states that consumers should expect to see vehicles that are lighter in weight and with improved aerodynamics. Mr. Yamanouchi also mentions that it is likely that Mazda’s new lineup of hybrid and electric cars will debut on or near 2015.

So, what does this mean in terms of litigation for Mazda lemon electric or hybrid cars? It simply means that we will have to wait until the electric or hybrid cars will actually be manufactured.

Currently, Texas lemon law is silent and does not contain any language regarding hybrid or electric cars. However, Texas car owners with lemon hybrid cars will most likely be able to open a complaint with the Texas Department of Transportation under the Texas Lemon Law and seek a potential repurchase or replacement remedy.

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