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New Jersey’s new lemon law is better than the current Texas lemon law, NJ’s lemon Law is set to include electronic devices such as the IPOD

New Jersey’s new bill, the A-1002, is now heading to the General Assembly for passage. I wonder if New Jersey’s former Lemon Law unit director, Robert Russo, has anything to do with this new law?

The A-1002 is the new New Jersey Lemon Law that not only includes automobile protections, but it will also include protections of warranties and extended warranties on consumer electronic devices such as the television, an IPOD mp3 player, or other electronic devices over $250.

The new law requires:

1) that the retailer or manufacturer must replace the subject electronic device with a device of equal condition or value if it has been subject to repair for 3 or more times, or
2) that the retailer or manufacturer must fully refund the purchase price of the device if it is deemed defective.

Currently, the Texas Lemon Law, unlike this new New Jersey Lemon Law, only protects consumers against defective new vehicles. Hopefully, one day, the Texas Lemon Law will broaden to protect consumers electronics also.

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