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More tips on avoiding lemon pre-owned/used cars

This is a continuation on last week’s post, on how to avoid your chances of purchasing a lemon pre-owned/used car. The same disclaimer applies; this is not legal advice, but are mere suggestions. Although I handle Texas lemon law cases, I do not handle pre-owned or used car cases.

Tip #4: Get a mechanic’s inspection. Purchasing a vehicle is arguably the second most costliest item that most consumers buy in their lifetime. As a consumer, you do not purchase vegetables at your local grocery with blindfolds on,…the same logic applies in purchasing lemon cars. Without a mechanic’s expert opinion, it is difficult to determine the condition of the vehicle underneath the hood. My lemon law office gets at least one call a day of unsuspecting car owners who subsequently learn that their 2007 Dodge Caravan has a 2005 engine or component on it.

Tip #5: Bring a friend during your visit to the dealership. During my pre-lasik surgery days, my friends always advise that four eyes are usually better than two. Buying a vehicle can be stressful and it is a good idea to have your friend look for potential red flags and defect cover-ups while you talk to the used car salesman.

All in all, good luck!

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