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Lemon Law Mill: What is it?

The following link is from our’s testimonial page. It is a testimonial (positive review) of a client of ours. In the excerpt, there is a reference to “lemon law mills.” Most people are unfamiliar with the phrase, so I thought I would write a brief blog article about it.

A “lemon law mill” is a phrase that describes a law office that concentrates its practice specifically on lemon law cases in a factory-like, volume-based, automated manner. At first thought, this isn’t such a bad thing, since experience is helpful in handling lemon law cases.

The issue is when the law office focuses its attention on the number of cases settled in order to produce profit for the firm, rather than the quality of its legal
services to its consumers and its representation of the client’s best interest.

When quantity supersedes quality, a lot is suffered. The client will get little attention from his or her attorney, and most of the case will be handled by law clerks and paralegals. Often times, in order to generate revenue, the lemon law mill may compromise the outcome of the client’s case if it becomes hurdled with challenges and issues. Similar to a puppy mill, a lemon law mill should be avoided as much as possible.

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