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Introduction to the Texas Lemon Law Blog

My name is Kevin Le and I am an attorney who handles lemon law related cases throughout the state of Texas. My office is based in Dallas, Texas.

Most of my time, potential clients would call me about a lemon law case and it would be too late because they have missed the deadline to timely file their claim. Other times, they are calling because this is the first time that they have purchased a new lemon car and do not know what to do. Other times, they are calling because they simply want to know what their rights are.

Regardless of what reasons you are here for, I welcome you!

This blog is dedicated to the topics relating to lemon laws that affects consumers. I will attempt to focus most of the information on here to Texas, but will also include lemon law related topics outside of Texas periodically. I hope to find the time to update this blog on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

If you are in need of Texas lemon law legal services, then feel free to please visit my law office website.

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