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Consumer’s lemon law conflict with Ford

Dave, a consumer internet blogger, recently wrote about his experience with his Ford lemon vehicle (click here for his post). Like most other consumers, Dave provided Ford with ample opportunity to do the right thing. Ford not only failed to do the right thing, but it seems that Ford has lost another loyal customer.

I wrote to Dave offering assistance and here is his response, “I appreciate your concern, but I have conceded defeat in this matter. As the ‘little guy’, I cannot compete with Ford Motor Company under the law. My belief that I was ‘doing the right thing’ by giving them the chance to repair the vehicle, ‘bit’ me, as FMC is unconcerned with ‘doing the right thing.”

If you have a Texas lemon vehicle, please make sure that you document everything. Regardless of whether you go with my law firm or my competitor, it is important that you do something to make sure that Ford or other manufacturers such as Chrysler or Mazda does not win for selling you a lemon.

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