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Helpful consumer laws besides the Texas Lemon Law

Jim Donovan from CBS 3 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently wrote an online story regarding alternative recourses that consumers have, especially in situations where state lemon laws are inapplicable.

Specifically, Mr. Donovan properly pointed out that the federal Magnuson Moss Act may help consumers who suffer damages from being sold defective vehicles, even pre-owned or used cars with warranty.

Here, the Texas lemon law is very restrictive in terms of rebuttable presumptions and the deadline to file a claim. When a potential client comes to my office and the deadline to file a claim under the Texas Lemon Law has passed, I usually explore with the consumer on whether the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices (DTPA) or the federal Magnuson Moss Act would help them.

For more details on Mr. Donovan’s article, go here.

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