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Happy holidays or Merry Christmas

Please remember to celebrate this holiday season safely.

If you will be in the market of purchasing a vehicle, then remember that the Texas Lemon Law generally does not apply to pre-own or used car.

For used vehicles, remember to cross check the vehicle’s history by using both Carfax and Autocheck, as information in one report is not cumulative or comprehensive. The best suggestion to avoid owning a lemon is to use common sense and ask lots of questions. I know that the pre-own car salesperson may be pushy — just push back. For more suggestions, then go here.

For new cars, remember also to ask lots of questions and gather as much information as possible. Do research before you get to the dealership.

I wish everyone a lemon-free holiday (unless the lemon in your holiday is a lemon pie). Feel free to email or call my office if you have any questions regarding the Texas Lemon Law for new cars.

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