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Do I have a case under the Texas Lemon Law?

Question: I took my vehicle in for repairs once or twice, but feel that the the problem will reoccur soon. Do I have a case?

Answer: Generally, everyone potentially has a case. The real issue is whether the case is strong or not, whether there is likelihood for recovery in the form of any cash settlement, repurchase, or replacement,…or, not.

Under the current Texas Lemon Law, the presumption is either: 2 or more repair attempts for a serious safety issue, or 4 or more attempts for the same non-substantial defect, or the vehicle has been serviced for a cumulative of 30 days or more.

Once the presumption is met, the case has a strong chance to prevail. Lemon law readiness is similar to that of eating fruits and vegetables. When the fruit or vegetable is not ripe, forcing yourself to eat it is quite bitter and sour. However, once it is fully ripe, then the timing is perfect.

Keep in mind that litigation has no guarantees. Contact a Texas Lemon Law attorney to assist you.

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