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Australian government invites feedback for its upcoming lemon law

At my Dallas based law office, I often refer to the Texas lemon law as the manufacturer’s lemon law, because it is arguably apparent that the law favors car manufacturer more than consumers. For example, the mileage deduction that the manufacturers are entitled to in the event of a repurchase or replacement may often be so high that it causes consumers to be upside down; making the consumer worse off then a regular car trade in.

Last week, I posted an article comparing the “Texas Lemon Law” against the upcoming new Australian Lemon Law. This morning, I stumbled upon an update with Australia’s drafting and legislation of the upcoming lemon law.

It looks like Tony Robinson, Australia’s Consumer Affairs Minister will invite both consumers and industry representatives to provide feedback and input on the new law. Those who are interested in participating in drafting the new Australian lemon law has until November 23, 2007 to write to the ministry.

Hopefully, Australian consumers and the public will provide adequate feedback in a way that would make the new Australian lemon law more favorable to consumers than the current Texas lemon law. Perhaps one day, the Texas lemon law will be amended in a way that would be better for car buyers.

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