Posted On: February 27, 2011

Ford F-150 Air Bag Recall, a Potential Texas Lemon Law Case

Last Wednesday, Ford announced that it is recalling its 2004-2006 F-150 trucks due to potential defective airbags (recall campaign number 11V107000). Ford did the recall voluntarily under mounting pressure from the National Highway Travel Safety Administration. This airbag issue is consistent with my lemon law offices' awareness of increased calls from clients who reported similar airbag issues regarding their Ford F-150 trucks.

According to records, the airbags may randomly deploy, even without any major collision impacts. Although Ford contends that this airbag defect represents only a "minor safety risk" to consumers, a quick search on NHTSA's website shows that there has been reports of vehicle owners "being knocked unconscious" by the faulty air bag. Other owners reported a broken tooth, along with abrasions, contusions and cuts throughout the entire upper body.

This recall is not the only lemon issue that Ford is facing in regards to the same 2005-2006 F-150 trucks. It appears that the same trucks are subject to another recall for defective brakes. As of now, according to the Office of Defects Investigations, there has been "4,465 subject vehicles" that have reported warranty claims relating to this defect. The number of vehicles affects by this faulty brake system is more likely higher.

Here is a brief summary of NHTSA's recall report on the 2005 airbag and brake recall Download file

Posted On: February 21, 2011

Four possible outcomes of a Texas Lemon Law case

By the time that most potential clients contact my law office, they are pretty frustrated with the predicament that they are in. I empathize. I, too, would be frustrated if my new vehicle spends so much time at the auto repair shop.

Below are four potential outcomes of a typical lemon law case in Texas. Please be advised that every case is different and it is vital that you contact an attorney immediately if you believe that you have a claim; as there are strict statute of limitation deadlines involved.

Outcome #1: You win or settle a repurchase of your vehicle. Keep in mind that even with a repurchase, you are responsible for paying a mileage deduction. Also, any rebates or extended warranty applied or purchase at the time of sale will be subtracted from your total repurchase amount.

Outcome #2: You win or settle a replacement. Similar to outcome #1, you are for paying a reasonable mileage deduction, plus applied rebates, or extended warranty purchase.

Outcome #3: You settle a cash settlement. In this scenario, you keep the vehicle and retain ownership of it. If the vehicle was financed, you will continue to be responsible for paying the monthly payment on the vehicle. The benefit is that you can settle for a monetary amount to compensate you for your time and inconvenience with the new lemon vehicle. Some manufacturers, such as Chrysler or Ford, are more likely to offer a cash settlement and less likely to offer a vehicle repurchase or replacement.

Outcome #4: You lose.

Please note that this post is not to be considered legal advice. There are other remedies or outcomes available and it is essential that you contact a lemon law attorney to discuss your options.