Posted On: January 29, 2010

Unofficial Lemon Information for the Toyota Prius

With the substantial increase in fuel costs, the momentum of demand for hybrid and electric cars will also exponentially increase. Inevitably, my Texas Lemon Law Office have received at least one call from a potential client per month regarding a problematic or broken lemon hybrid vehicle.

While surfing the internet for technical service bulletins (TSBs) this morning, I stumbled upon a website that contains a list of car problems that owners of the Toyota Prius recently experienced. The problems range anywhere from fuel system, airbag, dashboard, interior lighting.

For more information about this website that contains "unofficial lemon information on the Toyota Prius," go here.

Posted On: January 27, 2010

Toyota's potential mid-sized lemon colored lemon hybrid car

At the North American International Auto Show several weeks ago, Toyota ironically displayed a lemon/lime colored sub-compact concept hybrid vehicle. I hope that the color of this vehicle is not a foreshadow that the model will become a new strand of lemon cars.

The vehicle is said to be a smaller version of Toyota's best selling hybrid vehicle, the Prius. It is measured to be approximately 22 inches shorter than the current Prius. Toyota executives stated that they plan to introduce this vehicle to consumers in several years.

Currently, Toyota is dealing with a massive recall regarding abnormal surge and acceleration found in several of its current vehicles. If you own a new Toyota and have experienced this problem, it is recommended that you contact a lemon law attorney as soon as possible.

Posted On: January 25, 2010

Ed Whitacre selected as General Motor's Chief Executive Officer

Previous AT&T chief executive officer (CEO) Ed Whitacre is officially General Motor's (GM's) current and hopefully permanent CEO. Whitacre served as GM's pro tem CEO -- after GM's board of directors fired Fritz Henderson about 2 months ago on December 1, 2009.

Mr. Whitacre comes from a heavy manufacturing experience. He is known by his former colleagues to lead with a "heavy hand."

I hope this announcement will equate to the production of less faulty and defective lemon General Motor vehicles. Whitacre will be GM's fourth hired CEO in less than twelve months.